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Do you have limited time to train or last minute work travel?  Do you have a busy corporate role and children where schedules change at the last minute?  Let Part-Time Athlete Coaching take the stress away and build a personalised training plan that can be adjusted at short notice which means you will train smarter and not longer!

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Finding time to train in all three disciplines is tough! Knowing when to invest time and energy into swimming, running & cycling to maximise your output can be a challenge. Having a training plan, built to fit around your daily/weekly routine and a coach to make adjustments when last minute work/family commitments throw you a curveball is essential. 

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Do you want to drop your mates on your next group ride?  Increase your FTP or podium your next race?  Following a personalised training plan will ensure you maximise your training rides and help achieve your goals far more effectively than just doing unstructured junk miles.

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Looking to improve your running technique, run your first 10k, PB your next marathon or train for an ultra distance event having a structured periodised training schedule will help you achieve your goals while staying injury free.  As an impact sport all time spent running should be optimised.

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Core and strength work is a key ingredient to reach your potential in sports especially as athletes age.  From helping to keep running form, stay in the aero position or prevent injury all training plans will include key core and strength work outs.

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If health, wellbeing & team participation are on your companies agenda then look no further! Get a customised training plan for your corporate team, guided rides and private coaching sessions as well as access to kit & equipment.

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