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Part-Time Athlete Blog

I'm Ben, 35 years old, working as a media professional in the big smoke (London town!).  

My initial goal was to complete an Ironman within two years which I happily accomplished when I completed Ironman Zurich in September 2013 in a little over 12 hours 41 minutes. The feeling after crossing the line was complete elation that nearly two years of early morning training and missing nights out was finally over.  Running down the finishing line I shouted to my long suffering girlfriend (or commonly used term "Ironman widow") to never let me sign up for anything like this again.

Within two weeks I had signed up for Ironman Wales (recognised as the hardest Ironman on the circuit) and a little ultra marathon London to Brighton (100km's two thirds of which is off road).  I have truly got the endurance bug!

After originally turning down the chance and refusing to enter I have now somehow found myself signed up to do Marathon des Sables which is dubbed the hardest running race in the world!

So now I have decided to start documenting my progress to both remind in the future of what I have gone through to get to this stage and to help others who are training for endurance events but also working full time.

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