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Part-Time Athlete Coaching offers a full range of coaching services designed to help you get the very best from the time you have available to train. We offer programs for all disciplines and distances of triathlon, cycling or running.

We are very passionate about helping you achieve the results you desire and deserve.  Every athlete we coach gets the same effort and input, through a personal and individual program created specifically to maximize your potential. We are always here to listen to your needs and to give you the coaching and emotional support you need. We actively welcome your feedback, we have found the better and more detailed the feedback an athlete provides, the quicker they progress and the more they get from their coach.

We understand the time constraints that many of you are under, all our coaching is adaptable to meet these pressures and to help you maximize the time you have available.  As much as we all wish we had 24 hours a day to train and rest as perfectly as possible this just isn’t real life unless you are a pro!  For the rest of us its a difficult balancing act and that’s where we really excel, building a program that can be changed whenever you require to fit in with your busy schedule while at the same time still pushing your fitness and ability forwards.

Here at Part-Time Athlete Coaching we take a holistic approach to coaching, no stone is unturned in our quest to help you. We will look at ways to improve your weaknesses whilst continually working on and maximizing your strength.  We will find the weak links that have been holding you back and eradicate them, we really do love a challenge.

We are happy to take clients on at any stage of their endurance journey from complete beginners to seasoned professionals and will make sure that any training is expertly set to your current fitness levels, it will be challenging but also achievable.

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